Prediction of Next Wow Expansion After Legion

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The successful launch of World of Warcraft: Legion earlier this year has revived fan interest in Blizzard’s hit MMO. Many new content were added in legion and you can buy wow mounts directly from vendors when you get exalted or completed the required achievements or quest. But with the expansion out for months now, players are beginning to finish up with the content available and are starting to look ahead and wonder: What’s next?

While we likely won’t know what’s coming for sure until next year, whenever Blizzard chooses to announce World of Warcraft’s seventh expansion, some passionate fans are already speculating. Players are already thinking of many different kinds of posibilities. 

The most intriguing expansion concept sees World of Warcraft embracing its heady cosmic lore. In this idea, players would explore the history of the god-like Titans and face off against their evil counterparts, the Void Lords.

More likely, perhaps, is an expansion pitting players against N’Zoth, the only one of the evil Old Gods who has yet to be seen in any form in World of Warcraft. Bellular Gaming points out that this expansion could use existing Azeroth zones or could finally see players exploring the opposite side of the planet, an area left as a mystery to this point.

Anyhow, it's just a prediction and still far from us, maybe blizzard will announce some news about that at the end of next year. Also if you need some cheap wow gold in Legion, please make sure to buy at a safe website. 


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