How to Train Account wide Mount Fast in World of Warcraft ?

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no.1.First make a lvl 1 character on the pointed server to pick up the mount. But make sure to make a human race for alliance or orc race for horde cuz you’ll possibly need run to Stormwind city or orgrimmar. (PS: You can do a quest to get 30 copper while waiting, you’ll need it for mail later.)
lvl1character for account wide
no.2.Make a Deathknight on the server and then open Game Menu---Help---character Stuck---click"Teleport to Graveyard".Then DK is able to access the mailbox nearby a red-roof house.. You’ll find the mailbox in the map below.
Mailbox of Deathknight
Mailbox Position of Deathknight
no.3.Mail the mount from lvl1 to Dk, then DK receive and train. Now you can login your main character and press SHIFT+P to open your mount collection.
account wide mount trained


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