How to Get PVP Gear Fast for Boosted lvl100 Character in 6.2.3?

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Today we’d like to talk about the Fastest way to gear up boosted lvl 100 character in 6.2.3. Now blizzard has offered a good deal,pre-purchase Legion, you'll get a Free lvl 100 character boost instantly. You'll able to find it on the main page of blizzard wow website.If you missed this deal, you'll have to purchase it in game. 
lvl100 character Boost
Alright, let's get back and talk about how to get the PVP gears for boosted character.You can visit and go to Powerleveling Page, find PVP Package.
There’s a list of PVP package for each class (druid/ paladin/ deathknight/ mage/ priest/ rogue/ warlock/ shaman/ hunter/ monk/ warrior). You can get lvl 704 PVP gear Package instantly. 
The Package include the content below:
1. You will get 14,000 Conquest Points and 14,000 Honor Points to buy full Warlords Season 3 PvP gears. 
2. The conquest points you can use per week depends on the upper limit of the weekly conquest points. 
3. You will get Champions Honor x14. 
4. Recommend for lvl100 boosted characters
5. We can always help you with item selection for each spec of your class.
6. No account sharing. 
7. Estimate Time: 30mins - 24hrs.
This is 100% safe guaranteed, you don’t have to grind on getting items for boosted characters now. Gear up fast and start enjoy your new character's adventure.
NoteYou can also get honor or conquest points by doing Arena Skirmishes and Battlegrounds or Ashran. More info you can click ,you can also buy cheap wow gold at our website, fast delivery and best WOW Gold site.
arena or battleground
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Date: Mar 8th,2016


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