How Much Gold You Can Transfer at lvl 100 ?

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question:How much Gold you can transfer at lvl 100 in 6.2 World of Warcraft? 

answer1Level 11-30, the maximum you can carry is  300 Gold
       2Level 31-50, the maximum you can carry is 1,000 Gold
       Level 51-69, the maximum you can carry is 5,000 Gold 
       4Level 70-80, the maximum you can carry is 20,000 Gold
       5Level 81-100, the maximum you can carry is 50,000 Gold
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Since it is easier to collect or buy wow gold in 6.2 through many different ways, so players have a lot of gold stored. The amount of gold looks pretty cool, but it is a headache when you decide to transfer your server beacause the limit of gold transfer. However, blizzard also update with times , they announced that they will improve the limit of gold transfer from 50k to 250k for lvl100. 
Unfortunately, they fix it back to 50k on related page fast before we're able to celebrate the great change. Blizzard explained that they got some problems on gold transfering limit by first try.Just beacause of these problems, gold transfer limit now has recovered back to 50k at lvl 100.Therefore, blizzard will definitely improve the limit to 250k in the near future, it is just been delayed cuz of technic problems.
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Date: Mar 15th,2016


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