Faction Discussion of World of Warcraft

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Players of World of Warcraft, one of the most relevant MMORPGs since its release in 2004, complain about factions.

A huge part of World of Warcraft since its release, factions provide not only lore to build upon, but mechanics that directly affect gameplay. Upon creating a character, players get to choose a race that dictates which faction they belong to, then level them up or buy wow powerleveling or boost service . This mechanic has divided the community in many ways as players can only group together if they are of the same faction, which also affects guild formations. PvP also has its hardships due to how factions are implemented. These problems led a user start a discussion on why the system should be reworked, saying “Factions don’t make sense anymore, from either a gameplay or lore perspective.”

Many of World of Warcraft players agree with the stance, while others go in the opposite direction. User Hantojarn, for example, points that united factions wouldn’t fit the lore and while it could solve some of the PvE and PvP problems, it’s still not the ultimate solution. It’s important to remember that it is possible to run World of Warcraft dungeons and raids with players from other servers, thanks to the group finder system which arranges parties based on character roles. Furthermore, it is possible to form a party with players from other servers as long as they are present in your friend list.

Available for Windows PC, World of Warcraft is one of the most important MMORPGs since it first released in 2004. Based on the popular franchise of real-time strategy video games, it changed the MMO industry and managed to stay relevant over the years. The wow related service also boosted with it's growing, now there're millions of wow gold websites have wow gold for sale, wow mounts, items,power leveling or even wow raid service. With multiple expansions, the most recent being Legion, the title developed and published by Blizzard saw criticism from fans and critics alike due to implemented changes, but the 2016 entry was met with positive reviews.


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