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Draenor Pathfinder is achievement which will let you access flyability in Draenor.There is also mention of a rylak mount,  Soaring Skyterror as an additional reward. The ability to fly will apply to all of your 90+ characters after any one of them possesses all the prerequisites (So, no need to grind reputation on every alt that needs to fly). Note that  Draenor Pathfinder is account-wide, it has been confirmed that you won't have to 'earn' all of the achievements on the same character but merely possess them on said character.
Draenor Pathfinder achievement
To buy Draenor Flying, we'll fully complete the following Draenor Pathfinder achievements for you:
.Explore Draenor
Securing Draenor
.Tanaan Diplomat
.Loremaster of Draenor
.Master Treasure Hunter
Note: After completing this achievement, they haven't been awarded  Soaring Skyterror via mail; thats because it's automatically added to your mount journal.

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